Call it Tribal Knowledge, Indigenous Wisdom, Aboriginal Insight, Six Sigma or


we foster awareness of issues around sustainability through the production of engaging, educational and entertaining networking events, while facilitating outcome-based solutions for consumers and companies alike - reconnecting people with the natural order.


co-produced, coordinated sponsorship, and provided zero-waste beverage service for the first event in the "Sustainability Element Series", with The Village Impacts at 969 Market Street in San Francisco, CA on August 29th. "Earthsong" was a huge success!

"Watersong", the second event in the series, was held on January 17th in Oakland, CA, and "Airsong" is coming up next at a TBD place/time.






 Teach valuable sustainability lessons to whomever you please on whatever scale works for your space. Everything from an apartment patio to acres of rolling pastures can be utilized as a classroom. A master's in education, focused on curriculum & design, means quality pedagogy.



Songline provides marketing, PR, and sales support for sustainable brand(s). Interested in "greening" your business? Our consultants are the best in the business.


Team Build

Few things bring people together like shared interests. What better way to get your team solidified that to introduce them to unique experiences that they can share with one another? 



Any event, large or small, is more meaningful with great entertainment. If your event is supposed to promote sustainability, why wouldn't your music, art, food & beverage choices? A local, seasonal, regenerative, restorative holistic approach maximizes meaningful entertainment.


Featured Clients



John was amazing! He brought an incredible array of local, craft, and artisan products. He used them to make unbelievable cocktails, but they were also a real treat to drink straight. Most of us had never had anything like them. We can’t wait to have a repeat performance.
— Dave Powell (Partner, Reed Smith)
I love that John is both creative and very hands-on with his work - often you get only one or the other. He puts ideas into motion- and he has a lot of ideas!
— Camper English (Writer, Alcademics)

Songline Founder's Biography

John S. Pomeroy, Jr. has a master’s degree in education from University of California, Santa Cruz and is a teacher, community activist, event producer, sustainability consultant and urban farmer, based in Oakland, California. A deep-seeded belief in the importance of a toxin-free system drives everything he does, and he’s committed to working only with businesses practicing (or moving toward) holistic, sustainable practices.